District 10 Legislative Scholarship

Each year, State Delegates award scholarships to help students in their district reach their goals and achieve academic success.

The District 10 Legislative Scholarship is currently available to students living in District 10.

Students who qualify will receive a minimum award of $200. Eligible applicants include:
● Current high school seniors
● Full-time or part-time undergraduate students
● Part-time graduate students
● Private career school enrollees


Download the application here, and apply today! Applications must be submitted by June 1. Questions about the scholarship or application process can be emailed to Essence.Cropper@mlis.state.md.us.

Students living outside of District 10 should contact their State Delegate about scholarship awards. Click here for more information about the State of Maryland Delegate Scholarship.

To renew an award, students must re-apply each year.

Scholarship PDF: https://files.constantcontact.com/9e3a293c701/1b4397c6-4a45-466b-8f13-a7d6c3f77c62.pdf